Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A New Path in Life

It has been a year and 20 days since I stopped writing on my blog. I hurt someone that I love. There were tears and a time of seperation while the healing happened. I am not sure it will ever totally heal. For now it is good. Last year I started doing Yoga. Spirit has been trying to get me to do it for a long time and I have on and off for about 15 years. Well I dove into it with gusto this time and found a passion and hopefully someday a purpose. I do a yoga routine at home first thing every morning. It's peaceful in the morning. Darkness from the night still blankets the air. I can hear the frogs singing there night song and I know my chickens are safe and sound in their little house. My husband is getting ready for work and my children are still sleeping. So I can go to my mat with anticipation and purpose. I have so much to learn. My body at 55 years old is stiff and difficult to move at 4 in the morning. I start slowly, gently, and by the time I am done my body has bent and twisted and moved and groaned for about an hour, sometimes more, sometimes less. It is a satisfying practice. It's almost like a prayer. I feel my breath, listen to the sound of it, push it into my body as it coaxes my muscles to let go. With each and every movement I pay attention to the alignment. "Am I strait?" "Are my feet in the right place?" Breath! Let Go! Just saying the words and typing them, I let out a huge breath and felt my shoulders relax. I read everything I can find and subscribe to Yoga Journal, Alingyo, Kripalu, Kwan Yin, and several other pages on Facebook to keep updated on the latest things and the cool yoga clothes. ;-) I love yoga clothes. I will do another blog about that! Count on it. So far the benefits I get from yoga cannot be counted. When I stand at the checkout line in the grocery, I stand on both my feet without shifting from one to the other. I thought about it the other day and noticed how much more balanced my posture is. I dropped my shoulders, and felt so calm. A mom was struggling with her little one,(boy do I understand that one!)I offered to help. We smiled and exchanged pleasant stories and I felt this glow in my chest. Being able to move and run at my age is another benefit. I suffer from Fibromyalgia. Yoga is the only exercise that is not excruciatingly painful. We recently sold our big fancy bedroom furniture and bought a natural fiber 10" mattress that sits on the floor. Trying to get up out of bed in the morning is doable with my yoga practice. Otherwise it would be unbearable. The best part of Yoga practice so far is that I am learning now how to meditate. I purchased a Mala, found some beautiful mantras on Youtube and am just loving it. Talk about waking up to yourself! Whew! Have a blessed day and find something to be grateful for! I am grateful for: YOGA! What else? R:-)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Enough is enough

For the one person that follows my blog, and probably the only one that reads it with any interest, albeit limited, I am no longer posting here. The personal nature of my posts has been too much for some and caused considerable pain for others. I am sorry, this was cathartic for me and unfortunately I will be using pen and paper in the future. Any lessons learned or otherwise experienced will be bound and burned at some point in time.
Prayers for all of you and yours.